The class using a digital textbook in Hojeo Elementary school

Digital textbook

Hojeo Elementary school is promoting model one of digital textbook.

We, japanese teachers observed the 6th grade social study class.

The theme was ‘Study and announce  about country that I want to go trip.’

In this class, students learn about the difference between a terrestrial globe and a map, latitud and longitude, where are 6 oceans and 5 continents.

At first we saw a short video film that the teacher made. It was the story about teacher’s traveling abroad.

Students announce about country that wants to go travel and the reason why do I want to go there in 140 letters on TWITTER.We can use Twitter like this in the class!?  I felt as if the scales had fallen from my eyes.

Each students has own computer with video camera, so the last every students take their presentations in video and save.


The textbook is digital, homework is blog, research  is on web, presentation is by video film, etc,I was so surprized about thorougoing digital teaching method.

I was surprised that children were typing so fast!! and every teacher has a very high grade digital skills. I felt myself very analog as if I was a human of the Stone Age…(- -;)

Before visiting, I heard that Korea is very advance in a field of digital communication, but it was out of my imagination.

When  I came back to Japan, I saw a newspaper article about using Twitter in Univercity class, but in Korea, they use it in Elementary school.


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