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Ballade en Tokyo, de Kanda à Akihabara

Kanda, j’ai trouve un batiment traditionelle japonais.

C’est un restaurant d’une Baudroie.


Et en face de ce batiment, il y a aussi un autre batiment traditionelle.

C’ést un restaurant d’une dessert traditionelle japonaise.



Et j’ai recommencé à marcher à Akihabara.

Me voila, j’ai arrivé à Akihabara!




Harvest in autumn

We reaped rice in Niigata,Uonuma.

Niigata, Uonuma is one of the famous rice-producing region.

They worked hard enough. Good job!!

I’m very lookning forward to taste the new rice!

Ohanami, in Tokyo,Asukayama

Aujourd’hui, j’ai fait le jogging jusqu’à la park d’Asukayama.

Asukayama, c’est un petit montagne en plein de cerisiers.

30 Guests from China

Zai jian

2010.10.14  Today we had 30 guests from China.

We had a nice time exchanging our friendship between China and Japan.

And we made an installation candles writing ‘Zai jian’ , it means ‘good-bye’ or ‘See you again’.

Candle light was so tender and beautiful.  All the guests were so happy.

They are starting the travel around Japan, we hope that they have a nice time in Japan! Good luck and see you again!


Take a walk to Horikiri Iris Garden


It’s a very lovely day, so no good stay at home, and went out to take a walk!

It is Horikiri Iris Garden near from my house.

tunnel of bushclover

This is a tunnel of bushclover. It is a really sunny autumn day.

flower bushclover

take a rest

A spot-billed duck also take a rest.




Who are you??

big cat

A big monter cat takes a nap…

Snapshots of gathering chestnut


These are snapshots when gathering chestnut. This is the chestnut’s farm.

chestnut mushroom

Chestnut mushroom, poisonous.

Taro's leaves

Taro’s leaves are transparent the sunlight.

a cabbage butterfly

A cabbage butterfly. We can’t see them in Tokyo, so I feel very fresh.

Chestnut gathering

chestnut gathering

Today is not about my Korean trip,I went to Ishioka-city, Ibaragi prefecture in Japan, to gathering chestnut!

My friend chestnut farmer, taught us that new chestnuts are glisten, so try to find glisten one.


chestnut bur

many chestnuts

How do I cook these chestnuts?!

buckwheat flower

There are buckwheat farm, and now in full bloom.

chestnut mushroom

And there are chestnut mushroom. They said it’s a poisonous mushroom.

Let’s enjoy autumn!!